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UPDATE....As of 2012 Taylor'd Canines & Western Washington Ring Trainers are officially retired from French Ringsport....until further notice....

Update - 2012
 At this time due to her healh Lesli Taylor of Taylor'd Canines will no longer be participating in French Ringsport activities nor will the facility be holding club training, trials or seminars

Club Training was discontinued through all of 2006 thru 2008.
2009 Western Washington Ring Trainers has re-started French Ringsport Club training at Taylor'd Canines.

Congratulations to Jason Farrish & his Dutch Shepherd "Bas" on their French Ring Brevet and Ring I Accomplishment!!  Click Here to Watch the Video.  Way to go you two... Congrats again!!

Taylor'd Canines is pleased to announce the resurrection of our old French Ringsport Club - Western Washington Ring Trainers {WWRT} beginning 2009.

Please contact Lesli Taylor at (360) 701-3275 or
if you're interested in French Ringsport and/or would like to attend training.  Lesli would be pleased to give you more information on the Ring Club.

Click here for directions to Taylor'd Canines.

Western Washington Ring Trainers trains every Sunday unless weather or other events conflict with the training schedule.

If you plan to come out and visit or attend a training session, please contact Lesli to verify training time(s) and/or location(s) in case there is a change.

Lesli can be reached at (360) 701-3275

Western Washington Ring Trainers trained every Saturday at Taylor'd Canines in Yelm, Washington from 1997-2006, however with the departure of lead decoy and club training director Dean Taylor,Taylor'd Canines folded WWRT for a few years.

But we're back!!! New players, same game!

Current WWRT Officers:
Pending Elections

Former WWRT Officers:
Lesli Taylor, President
Dean Taylor, Vice President
Crystal LeJeune, Secretary
Ed Marshall, Treasurer

Former WWRT Club Members:
Dean Taylor            Lesli Taylor
Crystal LeJeune       Ed Marshall
Becky Antonson      Josh Antonson
Brittney Brewer       Lynsey Brewer
Nicole Brewer         Joe Brown 
Carol Byron             Susan Cody
Michael Davidson    Harold Elyea
Brook Moore          Chuck Nelson

Former WWRT Decoy's:
~Dean Taylor,Training Director;
  NARA Certified Trial Decoy,
  Lead Club Training Decoy
  & NARA's 2004 Decoy of the Year

~Ed Marshall, Club Training Decoy
~Josh Antonson, NARA Certified Trial Decoy
~Mike Davidson, Decoy in Training

Taylor'd Canines would like to Congratulate Vince Nelles (formerly of Predators Ring Club in Canada) and Bomber of Red River aka "The Bomb" for being the first North American Bred, Raised and Trained dog to go from Brevet to Ring III in 13 months!!  Congratulations Vince and Bomber!!!

 Taylor'd Canines and Western Washington Ring Trainers sends a HEARTY Congratulations to Crystal LeJeune and her GSD Riot von Shelnick aka 'Riot' for their successful Brevet in Canada!! 
Congrats Crystal & Riot!!

For more information about WWRT contact Lesli@taylordcanines.com

To find out about WWRT's past events, please go to: http://www.dhart.com/wwrt/ until I've finshed updating this page.  Thanks for your patience during webpage construction.

This Page is Currently Being Updated.... Please be patient with us while we create and update. Thank you in advance for your understanding....

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